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                                                    Pure Stock & Sport Compact - Gen-x’s welcome Pure Stocks must have rear ends unlocked.


Race will consist of:

1 hour left direction around the track.

½ hour intermission to work on cars for repairs, fuel or drive change.

1 hour right direction around the track.

 Lineup will be determined by pulling pills.

 Cars with breakdowns or cars in accidents will remain on the track. All remaining cars will avoid them while continuing the race. Drivers will stay in cars during race unless of fire or emergency.

The red flag will be displayed as appropriate for safety reasons or if the track is completely blocked and racing cannot continue. All cars must stop for a red flag. Once blockage is cleared, the race will be restarted with the cars in the same position as before the red flag. Any accident cars that can continue may do so. No other stopped cars can be moved or pushed out of the way during a red flag by competitors.

Cars will be allowed to enter the pits for repair or servicing. Re-entry to the racing surface will be allowed as the ramp official indicates. During any red flag period, the track entrance and exit will be blocked.

Once the checker is displayed, the race is officially over. Cars will be scored as they pass the finish line on the leaders final lap. Each car will be scored considering how many total laps they completed and their final position on their final lap.

All minors (drivers or passengers) must be 14 years of age and have a waiver signed by both parents. NO EXCEPTIONS. Call the track for minor release forms.

Pit stops in the pit area must be done in an orderly and safe fashion.

You must register as a team to switch drivers.

Any driver getting out of the car during the race without authorization will be disqualified with no refund. There will be no refunds.

 Cars will be inspected prior to the race and may be re-inspected after the completion of the race per the officials.

 Cars will be in line, race ready, when called for, up to one hour prior to race time. Any car not in line by the final announcement by the pit steward will lose starting position.

No refunds will be made if a competitor is unable to start the race for any reason.

Helmets Mandatory!!! Fire suit is recommended. Cotton long sleeve protection required.

No use of drugs or alcoholic beverages by driver or crew. Use of these will result in immediate disqualification and removal from pit area and or premises.

Once your car enters the pit area, it may not be removed. If removed, you will be disqualified with no refund.

An unofficial finish will be announced within 1 hour or as soon as Chief scorer has official finish.

The Car Body:

No fiberglass bodies.

4-wheel drives can only have one driveline front or rear but not both.

Numbers must be on doors and roof and be legible from scorer’s tower.

No race cars. Derby cars ok if they are safe.

Car must be strictly pure stock. No bracing of any kind allowed. No cutting, chopping, channeling or shortening allowed. Body sheet metal must be kept in place at all times.  Stock floor pan, firewall, and wheel wells must remain in stock position. All holes in firewall and floor must be covered. Right front fender may be enlarged for tire clearance.

Hood and trunk lid must be fastened shut. All doors must be chained, bolted or welded shut.

All glass must be removed. Even windshield.

Must have screen on front windshield area.

Only one OEM rearview mirror can be used.  No race rearview mirrors.

All side mirrors, chrome moldings, ornaments, door handles, or plastic components must be removed.

Headlamps, side marker lamps, turn signal lamps and tail stop lamps must be removed. No lights of any kind.

Front OEM seat can remain in car. Rear seats must be removed.

Seat with seatbelt and shoulder harness firmly attached is mandatory.

Complete bumper to bumper steel uni-body must remain intact.

Front and rear bumpers required-no reinforcements-no trailer hitches.

Driver protection bars recommended. ROLL BARS REQUIRED!!! Roll cage must remain inside the cab with the exception of the halo, which can extend above the cab. When installed, they must remain inside the door sheet metal and may not pass through any firewall, may not reinforce the body or frame, or may not alter the geometry of the car. Any installation will be for the sole purpose of extra safety for the driver. All bars must be contained within the cab area. No bracing in front or rear of car.

All cars must have simple roll over protection bars consisting of:

Hoop behind driver the full width of cab area.

2 braces forward and rear to floor supporting roll over bar. (No bars may pass through firewall).

NO ROLL BARS- NO RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two brace bars allowed from roll cage back to front base of kick up.

Roll Bars made of 1 ½ inch diameter with minimum thickness of .065

Larger radiators permissible if they fit in stock radiator cradle.


All suspension parts must be absolute stock for that make, model, year with no modifications. NONE!! No lumber, chain, spacer, cutting or welding allowed.


Engine must be strictly stock for that make, model, and year and in its original mounts. No dual line or double-pumper carburetors- one 2bbl. or one 4bbl. only. Must be stock for the car. Stock intake and exhaust only. No center dumps unless stock to car and motor.

Any stock transmission allowed.

Exhaust pipe must exit behind driver.

Drive shaft must have metal hoop or chain.

Rear-end must be stock for the make, model, year. NO factory posi. Rear-end.

Battery may be moved into cab area, covered and securely fastened.

No guards for radiator.

Fuel tank must be removed.

Fuel tank or fuel cell must be mounted in trunk if the OEM tank is mounted in the rear of the car under the trunk. If OEM tank is in front of the trunk or above the axle or underneath the rear seat it is alright to leave it in the original location. Pickups as long as the OEM fuel tank is in-between the frame rails it is alright to leave it in the original location otherwise fuel cell or tank must be securely mounted in the back of the bed.

Fuel Cell or fuel tank may be used; mounting must not reinforce rear frame area. If fuel cell is lower than trunk floor a guard must be securely strapped to frame. All fuel Cells must be inside of frame rails max of 32 gal. Fuel cell. Use 2″ square tubes maximum to mount it. No reinforcing of rear of frame can repair broken rear frames with flat stock. Must have check valve in overflow tube!


Safety wheel required must be steel only, stock ok, stock wheel width. No mag or aluminum wheels.

DOT legal tires only. No truck tires, gumball or shaving of tires. All tires subject to approval of chief inspector. Snow tires are permitted (NO STUDS). No lightweight or aluminum wheels. Safety wheels highly recommended. NO BEAD LOCKS!!!!!!!!

All cars must have brake systems in good operating condition.