1. All cars must have battery disconnect switch on positive cable.
2. Battery must be fastened to the floor or frame.
3. Disconnect switch must be marked in a bright contrasting color.
4. Must be completely enclosed within a marine type plastic or steel box with an absorbent material covering the top of the battery.  (Not required if gel type battery is used).
5. Switch must be accessible to track officials behind driver’s shoulder.


1. 1980 or newer, front wheel drive, factory produced compact sedan or coupe.
2. A mandatory protective screen must be installed; screen must cover the full windshield opening, must be securely fastened, center vertical support mandatory, screen to be of maximum ½” square openings.
3. All interior trim, class and flammable material must be removed.
4. Doors may be gutted or skinned to allow clearance for roll cage.
5. Must have chain loop or tow hooks on each end of the car.
6. Must have originally been designed to seat four (4) or more passengers.
7. Must have racing approved window net with quick release at the top.
8. No all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive allowed.
9. No mid or rear engine vehicles allowed.
10. No mirrors allowed.
11. No reinforcement outside of body lines allowed.
12. Vehicle must appear stock.


1. Must have brakes functional on all 4 wheels at all times


1. 18” numbers on each side of car and on roof.
2. Must be painted (no primer allowed).
3. Must have 4” front and rear numbers.
4. No fractional numbers.
5. No more than 3 numbers or number/letter combinations.
6. Numbers must be contrasting colors to the car of our lined.
7. Roof numbers read from right side of car.


1. Air cleaner may be replaced.
2. Carburetor may be changed within make of vehicle.
3. Emission control systems may be removed.


1. 3,000cc maximum displacement (no stroker cranks allowed).
2. Any replacement parts must be exact replica of OEM.
3. DOHC allowed.
4. Engine must idle smoothly at factory-specified idle speed (800 RPM if factory spec is not known).
5. Inline 4 cylinder engine with all original specification for the car used.
6. Maximum compression at cranking speed is 150 PSI., unless service manual for specific car clearly stated higher (car driver/owner is responsible for providing service manual before being allowed to race.)
7. Must remain completely OEM (bone stock).
8. No rotary engines.
9. No turbochargers, superchargers or other forced induction.
10. Stock ignitions and control modules must be retained in functional operation and be unmodified.


1. Catalytic converters may be removed.
2. Must exit further back than the driver in a safe manner.


1. Stock frame or uni-body/sub-frames maybe reinforced between front and rear suspension.


1. Pump gasoline only may be used.
2. Stock fuel tanks maybe used, but must be mounted safely away from exterior of car and drivers compartment.


1. Any stock radiator allowed in stock location.


1. 1 ¼” black pipe maybe used (no galvanized or exhaust tubing allowed).
2. Cage must be welded and gusseted at corners.
3. Halo bar and windshield bar required.
4. Minimum 4-point roll cage welded securely to cars frame or sub-frame.
5. Minimum of 3 horizontal door bars with at least 2 vertical supports on driver’s side.
6. Must completely enclose driver.(steel tube or black pipe)
7. No threaded connections, no brazing, or soldering.
8. Standard roll cage tubing is recommended.


1. All belts must be mounted to seat sub-frame or roll cage.
2. All seats must be properly mounted to secure frame that is welded to roll cage.
3. Minimum 5-point racing harness required.
4. Racing seats mandatory. Recommended aluminum racing seat


1. Alignment maybe changed but components may not be modified.


1. No racing shocks or strut (stock only).
2. Stock suspension maybe reinforced but must remain in original mounting position.


1. Maximum tread width is 7” measured across top of tire.
2. Mud flaps required on rear of car, (must be within 2” of ground).
3. Must be passenger-car type with tread wear rating visible from outside.
4. No grooving, siping, studding, etc.
5. No retreads.
6. Tires must not extend outside the body line when viewed from behind.
7. Wear rating must be 250 or greater (subject to durometer reading).


1. Open differential only.


1. No added weight allowed.

1. 6” maximum width.
2. Lug nuts must be 1” in diameter.
3. Steel wheels only.



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