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All line up procedures will be done according to:

                                                  I.M.C.A. point’s rules for 2017 which can be found at :

Pro Stock will follow NV Pro Stock Rules

All drivers need to be checked in thru pit gate by 7:30pm on Friday races and 7:00pm on Saturday races. If not checked in by this time you will start scratch at the back of the pack in the main event and eliminated from the heat race.


Registration fees, registration forms and waivers of liability will be filled out and paid at the time of entry. Registration fees can be paid in cash or check that is made out BM Raceway. Any returned checks will be charged an additional $50.00 plus any cost incurred to recover the funds.


The Raceway and Association assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of your equipment, vehicles, of any means whatsoever. In restricted areas the Auto Racing involves risks and he assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge.


1. The Raceway Management and Officials will establish the length, frequency and admission of all events and programs. All participants will be expected to participate in every event that is possible.
2. Management has the authority to disqualify any car or refuse participation to any individual at any time.
3. Any person on this property without the permission of the Raceway Management is guilty of TRESPASSING on this property in conjunction with racing activities. However, the Management of the Raceway reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time that is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of Auto Racing, your fellow competitors, the FANS and the Management of the Raceway.
4. Any disagreement over technical questions, operations or finishing positions will be resolved by the Racing Officials. When their decision is rendered, such decision is final and binding.
5. All entries must comply with specifications in the rules upon entering the racetrack.
7. NO COOLERS of any type will be allowed onto the raceway property during racing events. Coolers in the pit area will only be allowed after the races are completed.
8. During races, the only people allowed in the pit tower or spectator tower are the safety crew, racing officials or Race Board. Everyone must stay out of the pit tower or spectator tower DURING RACES unless requested by the racing officials or Race Board, For some special reason. Anyone caught in these areas will receive a fine plus and subject to:

  • Spectator will receive the $50.00 dollar fine
  • Driver will cause  their car to go to the back of the lineup upon restart of the race and will receive a $50.00 fine.
  • Pit crew member will cause the car they are pitting for to go to the back of the lineup upon restart of the race and will receive a $50.00 fine.


1. We do not race to the yellow.
2. Once the yellow is thrown, the restart line-up will be according to the last completed green lap.
3. All restarts will be single file, with the exception of the 1st lap.
4. If a yellow is thrown before one lap is completed, then it will be a complete restart. Which means you will line up in two’s (2) just like you started the race.
5. All car/cars causing the yellow will go to the rear of the field.
6. The car causing the yellow will start last, (or at the discretion of the D.O.C.).
7. A race will consist of three (3) cars taking the green flag.
8. If at any time the car count drops below three (3) that race will have reduced laps.
9. If a car starts the Heat Race but does not finish, for whatever reason, that car will start in the back for the Main Event.
10. If more than one (1) car does not finish the heat race, they will be lined up according to how many laps they completed.
11. Driver’s or Pit Crew harassing, complaining or yelling at the Score Keepers, Pit Tower or Corner people, may cause the driver to be disqualified for that event.
12. All decisions on how race will be run are made by the D.O.C. He may request help from the corner personnel or Flagger. His decision is final.
13. All complaints and protests will be made to the D.O.C.
14. All decisions as to what happens in a racing incident on the track are the Flagger’s responsibility. He may also ask for help from D.O.C and the Corner people. His decision is also final.
15. Neither you nor your crew will ever approach the flag-stand during the race. If you have a question, go see the D.O.C. If anyone does approach the Flagger, they will be disqualified for that event. Depending how sever the incident, you may possibly have to forfeit the right to race at Battle Mtn. Raceway. All points and money you have earned to that date can be taken away.
16. Starting lineups will be determined by I.M.C.A. rules, Article XI.
17. During races, the only people allowed on the track are the safety crew and racing officials. Everyone must stay behind the fences at all times unless requested by the officials to assist for some special reason. Anyone coming on to the track to work on a car will cause that car to go to the back of the lineup upon restart of the race.
18. If only one car shows up to race for their class they have the option to race in a different class. This will be voted on during the drivers meeting by drivers in that class.
19. This will qualify him for:

  • Payouts from that class for that night of racing.
  • Or can also be voted out and will have any entry fees paid retuned      

The number of laps in each event is as follows:

  • Heat Race — 8 laps
  • Main Events — to be determined by D.O.C.

Please note: The above may be changed by the D.O.C. to improve the show.

The Flagman is in charge of the racetrack when the events start; he is in control but may ask for assistance from the D.O.C., Scorers, Corner men, etc.

He may:

  • Disqualify a car if it causes two (1) yellow during the heat.
  • Disqualify a car if it causes two (2) yellows, reds or a combination of the two during the main event.
  • Keep the race under green if a car spins into the infield and is out of the way.
  • If driver’s condition is uncertain or unknown, Flagman will throw a red flag.
  • Disqualify cars for unnecessary contact or rough driving.


1. A rolled up black flag is your warning.
2. (1) One unrolled black flag= out for the event (Heat, Dash etc)
3. (2) Two unrolled black flags= out for the night.


1. Vehicles enter restricted area at their own risk.
2. Inspection Sheet will be used, if your car does not meet technical rules, you have one (1) event to repair.
3. You will be allowed to race that night for no money or points and you must start scratch.
4. If the car or safety equipment does not pass safety tech it will not race until it has passed the safety inspection.
5. If a car has been cleared for race day, any driver may drive that car as long as he/she starts the races in that car.
6. If you change drivers in the middle of the racing night your car will start scratch.
7. A driver may drive in more than one (1) class.
8. You must notify the pit tower before that race.
9. ALL CLASSES MUST do their share of wheel packing the track with their racecars. Failure to do so will cause that car to start in the back of all events. Officials may wave this for a good reason. Cars must complete five (5) laps of packing.
10. When called to stage all cars must do so immediately. If you are not in your position or not assuming position assigned by the Pit Tower, you will be sent to the back of the pack.
11. Any driver who delays the start or restart of any event by holding his/her position or not assuming the position assigned by the Flagman, will be sent to the back of the pack.
12. The driver will be responsible for all persons or crew members which sign in under the driver’s assigned registered car number. If there is a person in a pit, which has not signed the release required be our Insurance Company and does not have a pit wrist band issued by the admission gate to them, then the car driver will be subject to a $100 fine, plus suspension for that entire event. They will be asked to leave the pit, at the time it is determined that they have a person illegally in their pits. This applies to member and non-member alike. The driver and all others involved in the violation, will be fined or suspended or both, at the discretion of the Track Management.
13. All fines must be paid before you are allowed back on the track.
14. Any fines given to a driver in any class for any association must be paid in full before racing at any event at Battle Mountain Raceway, past or present.
15. All drivers shall be at least 14 years of age, as required by our Insurance Company.
16. To receive Battle Mountain Raceway points, you must be a member of the Battle Mountain Raceway. To receive any of the end of the awards for points race your class must have raced at least 6 races during the race season.
17. Non-member of the BM Raceway shall be charged a $10 additional fee Car/Driver and an additional $5 fee for pit passes.


1. Any fighting at the track will subject the offender to suspension depending upon the seriousness of the incident and the decision of the Officials.
2. Any continuous problems from the same individuals will result in permanent suspension.
3. We expect courteous conduct from all participants at all times.
4. We do not tolerate profanity in front of the race fans or Officials.
5. Profane signs on your car, sex signs, etc., on your car or clothes will not be permitted.
6. We expect you to look like Ladies and Gentlemen and to act like them.
7. If you can’t abide by our rules, stay away.
8. Suspensions will be awarded if, in the opinion of the Officials, they are necessary.
9. No Driver may get out of his car on the track or infield during the race.
10. If this rule is violated, the Driver maybe disqualified from that event or suspended.
11. There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages in the pit area or use of controlled substances during or before the racing program, NO EXCEPTIONS!
12. Anyone caught with any of the above on his person or in his equipment will be removed from the pit area.
13. Any person who is, in the opinion of the Track Officials, intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance will be removed from the pit areas and suspended from racing. This includes any Officials.
14. The length of suspension and amount of the fine will be determined by the Officials and the Board of Directors.
15. Anyone who does not leave the pit area immediately after being suspended will be subject to arrest and prosecution for trespassing.
16. Any person who uses abusive language or strike a Track Official will be suspended and will forfeit all season points, any prize money due and may face prosecution. The Board of Directors will determine the severity of the incident.


1. Protests must be presented in writing to the D.O.C., along with the appropriate protest fee (cash only), no later than 15 to 20 minutes after the conclusion of the Main Event in which the protested car is competing.
2. Beginner Box Stock Class will run the Predator 212 motor.
3.  Pure Stock Class motors can be claimed under the following stipulations:

  • $500.00 cash for claim and written complaint. Claim is for motor only (not accessories)
  • Any motor that finishes the race can be claimed
  • If you refuse to give your motor you will be DQ’d for the year.

4. All illegal items must be repaired prior to racing.
5. If fines are assessed, the car will not be allowed into the pit until all fines are paid.


1. Any protest must be presented in writing to the D.O.C. within 15 minutes of your event, accompanied be a fee $25 for procedural or scoring protest.
2. Protest fee of $25 must be in cash and is refundable, if the driver is correct.
3. Money goes to the point’s fund if driver is found to be incorrect.


1. Cars must be painted. No primer and maintained in an attractive, professional manner. Cars not maintained may be denied the right to compete at the discretion of the Track Officials.
2. Numbers must be 18” high and at least 2” wide on each side of the car and on the roof.
3. Roof numbers must be readable from the right side of the car.
4. No more than three (3) numbers or number/letter combination. No fractional numbers allowed.
5. Numbers must be identified with contrasting colors to the car or out lined.
6. Front and rear numbers must be 4” in size, painted in contrasting color.


1. Anyone one under the age of 18 years old racing must use a Head/Neck restraint (HANS, Simpson Hybrid Series,  NECKSGEN, Leatt MRX or Z Tech Head/Neck Type).
2. This rule applies to the Kart 250 class and up till the racer has reached the age of 18 years.
3. All racers must use a minimum of at least a donut type neck brace after the age of 18 years of age. here.

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